Who We Are


The mission of Hamlin New Testament Church, as a congregation and as individuals is to; understand the will of God, agree with that will, and pursue it. We embrace all of God’s good news (the full gospel) through a relationship based congregation, believing in God’s grace to bring healing, freedom, equipping, release, and effective ministry. We embrace, and are guided by; the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.


God is the creator. He created the universe, the world, and all the stuff in it (including you and me).


As the creator, He deserves praise, honor and obedience. . . this is only right.


In addition to creating us, He also loves us. His love led Him to give good things to us. He gave us land and sea, sun and rain, all sorts of other good stuff and the capacity to enjoy these things . . . and He said it was all good. Throughout history, He has consistently shown His love and has done His part to maintain a relationship with people.


Right from the beginning, people have chosen to sin. It comes naturally to all of us and all of us do it (sin).

Sin has a cost. That cost was, and is, a future of agony and separation from Him. This separation is so ugly that “Hell” is the most appropriate name for it!


His love, for us, is so strong that Jesus had to come and pay the price for our sin.


Since it was Jesus who died for people’s sins, it is only through Jesus that people can avoid hell. Not only can hell be avoided but He has made provision for people to live forever in His presence in peace and happiness. This place is so wonderful that “Heaven” is the most appropriate name for it!


A lot of this can be confusing, so God gave us another good thing. The Bible is the written record of all that we need to know to live life the way He wants us to live it.


Even the Bible can be a bit confusing so He also gave His Spirit to guide us in our understanding of His will and the Bible.


This brings us to another wonderful truth: God is spoken about, in the Bible, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three are one and yet there are things that can only be understood when we see that He is also our Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our present helper!


He wants us to live in healthy and happy relationships. First with Him and then with others and He has made it possible for us to really love Him and to love people.


It pleases Him (and it is really good for us) when we respond positively to Him. Our lives should be lived by saying “Yes” to Him. It starts with yes to salvation. This happens when He reveals, to us, that He truly is God, that we are sinners and we need Jesus to save us from hell (the ultimate consequence of our sin). He reaches out to us, as individuals, by His love, and offers us freedom. This is salvation. To be honest, the process is more complicated than what you just read, but I’m not sure I could explain it any better in a paragraph (or even in a book). The good part is that He really understands the process and that He will make sure that you understand everything you need to know, at the time. This is when we are saved . . . saved from the consequences of our sins. There are also other terms for salvation: Being born again, becoming His child, joining the family of God, the salvation experience, becoming a believer . . .


Loving God and saying “Yes” to Him and His will, really is the best approach to life for everyone!


God really likes it when we hang around with folks who encourage us to love Him and say yes to Him. Every believer should be with people who encourage them in their walk with God. In fact, every believer should be encouraging those around them to say “Yes” to God. That’s what church is all about.


So that’s a little of what I know. Hamlin New Testament Church is a place where you will be encouraged in your walk with God and a place where you will be able to encourage others with their walk with God. We are not alone in that, there are lots of other good places that provide the same opportunity.


We want to help anyone who is not a believer to say “Yes” to God and become one. We would be honored to welcome anyone who loves Jesus to be part of our congregation!