Living Water

Have you ever been really, really thirsty?


Sure you have. We all have. The exertion of a hard played game of soccer, a hard day of yard work under the August sun or the ultimate thirst . . . resulting from wandering, aimlessly lost in the desert. The kind of thirst that, if not satisfied, ends with tragic consequences. Fortunately, I have never been stranded in the desert and I hope, neither have you! Most days I don’t think a lot about my physical thirst. While I have played hard and worked hard, and certainly my body, like yours, always “needs” water, I seldom think about it . . . until something happens and I really “feel the thirst”.


That can happens in our hearts, too. We need refreshment, we have “thirsts” which need to be satisfied. . . spiritual thirsts. We all have them (spiritual needs) but we tend to not think about them until something happens.


There is a story about a man who made a long walk (over 60 miles) through an arid region . . . about half way there, in the noon sun, tired and thirsty, he stopped at a well for some water. An interesting exchange occurred at that well. . . Two people met; a woman who was focused on his physical thirst and a man who was focused on her spiritual thirst. That man was Jesus! He offered to meet her real thirst, her spiritual need. He answered the guilt and frustration of her failures, he didn’t reject her because of her faults. In fact, he offered her his services. The services of the savior, the Messiah . . . he said, “receive the gift of God, . . .believe me, . . . worship me . . . I am the Savior”.


Perhaps you are aware of your need for more, you are spiritually thirsty. That awareness is the Spirit of God speaking to you . . . respond! He loves you! He’s waiting for you! He will not reject you! Your failures, your sin, your thirst is not too big for Him to handle!


He has a life of goodness, blessing, abundance for you. Receive the gift of God; believe in Jesus; He will be your Savior!