Into Your Grace (Janice’s Song)

Into Your Grace (Janice's Song)

Ian Wesley – Into Your Grace (Janice’s Song)

One Sunday this last December during worship time at church, I heard Jesus tell me that I should ask Janice what was on her heart and write a song about it. I approached her after the service and told her what I had heard. She didn’t seem very surprised, and told me that she would think about it and write me an email. The following is what she wrote me:

Hi there.

What God has been moving on my heart is grace. I have been thinking a lot about Gods grace. I am pretty good at extending grace to others, but seldom accept grace for myself.

As a family, we are doing an advent/Jesse Tree devotional every evening. A few nights ago, we were reading about Noah. The writer was talking about the grace that God has for us. That big ark was a symbol of His grace.

When the rain falls, waters rage, and we lose the ground beneath our feet, we can either let it drown us, or we can climb into the big boat of God’s grace and instead of being consumed by the water, we can actually be lifted up by the very waters that could have been our demise. The only difference between drowning in the depths and being lifted up is the safety of God’s grace that we can choose to climb into.

Life has not been easy for us since we conceived this little baby. Actually, life hasn’t been easy since we lived in this happy green house. But I am learning more and more to seek refuge in God’s grace. Through unemployment, underemployment, chronic migraines, living with another whole family, and now this very difficult pregnancy that has created all kinds symptomatic trials… I am finding that even as I try to stand my ground and tread water til I reach exhaustion- I simply have to drag my tired and limp, soaking wet soul into the boat of God’s grace and there I have rest. There I can sit and let the waters around me do what they’re going to do and trust that God, in His mercy will do what He has said he would do. And I am lifted up by the waters, rather than consumed. 🙂

Sorry if that all seemed redundant. It’s what has been mulling in my heart, but its the first time I’ve put it to words. 🙂


This is the song God gave me.


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