Everyone Needs a Savior

Experience The Savior!

Why is Experiencing the Savior so Important? 

The plain, simple truth of the matter is that EVERYONE is in need of a savior. Let’s be real for a minute. No matter how many good things you’ve done to make up for your mistakes or bad choices, if any of us honestly examines ourselves, it becomes painfully clear that each and every one of us comes up lacking. It’s an open and shut case! Mistakes and failures are maladies common to all of mankind. But once you’ve accepted that you are not perfect, that you make mistakes, you are still left with a choice.

Do you just ignore the painfully true fact that we all live our lives in the red spiritually speaking? Do you just eek out the rest of your days trying to get what you need physically and emotionally while ignoring what you’re lacking spiritually? Do you spend each day chasing after the quick fixes? Money, sex, drugs, alcohol, comfort, pride – the list goes on and on. But these are just finite solutions, passing pleasures, vices.

Or do you take the path less trodden? Do you face this problem head on, and embrace the reality that you, like everyone else, have faults and weaknesses, and that there is something missing in this whole equation, something that needs more than a “quick fix?”

We all have an infinite chasm inside of us. Something we try to fill with the quick fixes in life. But the truth is that to fill a gap that is infinite you need something that is, in and of itself, infinite. And there is only one person who can fill that description, only one person who can truly be the Savior of a life, and his name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ – The Right Man For the Job

We’ve all sat through job interviews at some point in our lives, right? We are asked about our previous job experiences, our skills, our schooling, our attitude, etc. The employer is looking for just the right person for the job. On the other hand, if that company desperately needs to hire an employee with a very particular set of skills, or with the right aggressive attitude, they might contact an employment agency to help them find that person. They really have to get the right person for the job.

Well, God the Father chose Jesus Christ to fulfill a very particular “job” – “to come to Earth to seek and save those who are lost.” God sent His only Son – fully God and fully man (talk about qualifications!) – a humble servant full of meekness, forgiveness and mercy. He didn’t come to judge the world, but to save it. And here’s a great truth – Jesus Christ is still hard at work today, doing the job that His Father called Him to over 2000 years ago. It’s extremely rare to find a person who really feels that his job is perfect for him. When it came to filling the position of Savior, God made the perfect choice: Jesus Christ – the right Man for the job!

This Isn’t So Bad, or Why My Efforts Won’t Cut It!

Experience the Savior? You might be asking yourself, “What for? I have a loving family, I have my health, …I have a job! That’s more than a lot of people have these days! So, what would I need a Savior for? I’ve done well keeping control on my life… and I’m happy!” I’m sure when Jesus entered Jerusalem the week before his death, the parade of happy people thought much the same thing. They welcomed Him with opened arms! They were ready to celebrate with this popular guy. But did they really understand why He was there in the first place? That He came for them? That doing it on our own isn’t enough? Not to mention, how quickly life can turn and suddenly, what was once a rosy life can be filled with crisis and tragedy. In fact, you might be thinking, “I’ve paid my price and made sacrifices in my life! I’ve tried depending on others and have scars from the burns I’ve received… I’ve determined that the only one I can rely on is me.” But the truth is, Jesus didn’t come to earth for a few… He came for ALL. The Bible says, “For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” He came to bring something for everyone—something significant and of paramount importance, because our best efforts just don’t cut it… something you have to experience to understand!

The Shift of Momentum, What Was Meant for Bad

Some things look great but aren’t others look bad but aren’t you know the quote, “looks can be deceiving”! There’s another category . . . things that look bad, hurtful, difficult, painful, and actually are, so much so that it requires the intervention of God. I call these times “but God” moments . . . moments that would crush me or the ones I love without help, “But God”, intervenes and redeems the situation. That is a “but God” moment. Good Friday, the death of Jesus, on the cross, was one of those times . . . sinless, loving, caring yet tortured and crucified, Jesus carried the cross, hung on the cross and died on the cross! The most unjust, unbelievably unfair event of history, ever! We are told that Jesus could have stopped the injustice, after all, He was God. He could have called for angels and been rescued! For that matter, He could have simply said “enough” and it would have stopped. Instead, He said, “It is finished” and died a human’s death! What was finished? Redemption’s plan was completed with that one sacrificial act! The forever substitutionary act was performed by God for us, for you for me! It was the ultimate “But God” moment . . . what was meant for bad, was turned to good! Jesus is still turning things around for people like you and me today. In the Bible, Paul said it this way: “all things work together for good for those who love God”. Let Jesus work in your life today!

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