I’m already on my way, aren’t I?

This Isn’t So Bad, or Why My Efforts Won’t Cut It!

Experience the Savior? You might be asking yourself, “What for? I have a loving family, I have my health, …I have a job! That’s more than a lot of people have these days! So, what would I need a Savior for? I’ve done well keeping control on my life… and I’m happy!” I’m sure when Jesus entered Jerusalem the week before his death, the parade of happy people thought much the same thing. They welcomed Him with opened arms! They were ready to celebrate with this popular guy. But did they really understand why He was there in the first place? That He came for them? That doing it on our own isn’t enough? Not to mention, how quickly life can turn and suddenly, what was once a rosy life can be filled with crisis and tragedy. In fact, you might be thinking, “I’ve paid my price and made sacrifices in my life! I’ve tried depending on others and have scars from the burns I’ve received… I’ve determined that the only one I can rely on is me.”  But the truth is, Jesus didn’t come to earth for a few… He came for ALL. The Bible says, “For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” He came to bring something for everyone—something significant and of paramount importance, because our best efforts just don’t cut it… something you have to experience to understand!

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