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The Shift of Momentum, What Was Meant for Bad 

Some things look great but aren’t  others look bad but aren’t  you know the quote, “looks can be deceiving”! There’s another category . . . things that look bad, hurtful, difficult, painful, and actually are, so much so that it requires the intervention of God. I call these times “but God” moments . . . moments that would crush me or the ones I love without help, “But God”, intervenes and redeems the situation. That is a “but God” moment. Good Friday, the death of Jesus, on the cross, was one of those times . . . sinless, loving, caring yet tortured and crucified, Jesus carried the cross, hung on the cross and died on the cross! The most unjust, unbelievably unfair event of history, ever! We are told that Jesus could have stopped the injustice, after all, He was God. He could have called for angels and been rescued! For that matter, He could have simply said “enough” and it would have stopped. Instead, He said, “It is finished” and died a human’s death! What was finished? Redemption’s plan was completed with that one sacrificial act! The forever substitutionary act was performed by God for us, for you for me! It was the ultimate “But God” moment . . . what was meant for bad, was turned to good! Jesus is still turning things around for people like you and me today. In the Bible, Paul said it this way: “all things work together for good for those who love God”. Let Jesus work in your life today!

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